Our ESG Model: Environment, Sustainability & Governance

We utilise the natural energy from the Sun and convert into electricity thereby making the planet sustainable. Athena Renewable Energy is all about value creation through Best-in-Class Sustainability.


Message From The Leadership

Shami Nissan - Athena

Shami Nissan

Partner, Sustainability

We have repeatedly seen that investing responsibly creates businesses that are better able to manage ESG risks and opportunities; they are more resilient, more innovative, more able to deliver.

James Magor - Athena

James Magor

Director, Sustainability

ESG aspects are not only a business risk that can erode value but an opportunity to maximise value at investee companies.

Health & Safety

Athena keeps the health & safety of its employees and people at the fore of their objective. We have rolled out safety protocols and measures which adheres to the same, like:

  • 18,06,317 Hrs.

    Safe Manhours

  • 795 Days

    Safe Mandays

  • 19%

    Training hours

Ghar Se Ghar Tak - Athena

Ghar Se Ghar Tak

We have rolled out a holistic safety initiative “Home to home or Ghar Se Ghar Tak” Safety, for all our employees.

LOTO - Athena


De Energising an equipment and applying LOTO is a part of our SOP. We have made all our equipment LOTO compliant to further make our procedures fail safe. Lock out tag out

General Safety - Athena

General Safety

Advanced PPEs: We provide advanced PPEs to all staff and site visitors.


Athena reaffirms its commitment to a clean, safe, and healthy environment through a Zero Harm rule and shall operate all its assets in an environmentally sensitive and responsible manner. We shall strive to continually improve environmental performance through implementation of best practices in all aspects of business.

  • 4400 KL

    Water Saved

  • 10,000

    SDiesel Saved/cars removed from road

  • 26,79,342

    tCo2 equivalent

  • 3 Lakh p.a

    Households powered

Zero-Harm Rule - Athena

Zero-Harm Rule

Our KPI of Zero Harm to Birds ensures that we do the needful when it comes to protecting them in our quest for climate change. To safeguard exotic as well as different breeds of birds, we have made our wires and other electrical equipment shock proof.

Zero Soil Contamination - Athena

Zero Soil Contamination

Our Zero Soil Contamination model is based on
- Removal of polluted land and disposal
- Waste disposal policy in place for haz waste
- Usage of oil soak kits, and oil collection trays to avoid dripping into soil
- Zero littering policy to avoid generation of waste at source

Reduced Natural Resources Consumption

Athena is committed towards using less natural resources as well as ensuring that the resources are not harmed or fiddled with in any way.


Communities, in which we operate our plants, are the most significant stakeholders in their business, and Athena believes in inclusive growth of the community. Athena intends to create a positive socio-economic impact on the life of these stakeholders through CSR activities.

Education - Athena


Education can put people on a path towards good health, empowerment and employment. Athena has helped build a school for the local community and is actively working towards building a second.

Health- Athena


At Athena, we believe investing in community health is essential to boost growth. We are actively striving towards making a positive impact on people’s health with our initiatives.


We encourage a strong and effective governance policy to cultivate a culture of integrity & honesty, leading to a sustainable business overall.

ACOC Policy - Athena

ACOC Policy

We commit to protect our reputation and our brand equity by adhering to the values and principles set out in this Code. This Code also sets out our expectations of all those who work with us

Whistle Blower Policy - Athena

Whistle Blower Policy

We encourage our employees, and other stakeholders to raise concerns or make disclosures when they become aware of any actual or potential violation of our Code, policies or law.

Grievance Redressal - Athena

Grievance Redressal

We provide an environment where everyone is listened to and have their matters resolved expeditiously